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Priority Digital Space Message

Priority Digital Space Message

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  • Priority delivery! 
    This message will be delivered in the earlier batch of priority messages
  • Be one of the first humans to send a message directly into the stars!
    By purchasing one or more digital messages (Audio, Picture or Text) you will be leaving a lasting legacy as your message, beamed by the Lumina 1 satellite after launch, will symboically traverse the universe forever! Upon completion of your purchase, you will be directed to a secure upload portal.
  • All purchases come with a free download of Cathrin Machin's space art!  Cathrin is one of the most popular space artists on the internet with hundreds of thousands of followers and her art quickly sells out each time it is offered!  We have partnered with Cathrin to allow anyone sending a message to download 187 of her Astro Art Wallpapers and 23 Astro Photography wallpapers!


  • Not sure what to send? Here are some types of messages we hear are being sent!
  • Eternal Declarations of Love: Transform your feelings into an interstellar voyage; sending a message into the cosmos is an unparalleled declaration of love. Perfect for Valentine's Day or anniversaries, your affection will transcend the confines of time and space, eternally encapsulating your love.
  • Celestial Memorials: Honor and remember those you've lost with a tribute that's as boundless as the universe itself. A picture and audio message can immortalize their essence, offering a tribute that echoes through the cosmos, ensuring their memory shines as brightly as the stars.
  • Embark on a Digital Odyssey: Elevate your status to that of a Digital Astronaut, as your personal messages embark on an endless journey across the universe. This is your chance to weave your voice into the fabric of the cosmos.
  • Galactic Exploration for Young Minds: Offer your children an extraordinary gateway to the universe. This is not just an activity, but a doorway to imagination and learning, sparking curiosity and inspiring a lifelong fascination with the vastness of space.
  • Whisper to the Cosmos: Cast your most intimate secret or heartfelt wish into the vastness of space, where it will journey endlessly among the stars. This is a chance to release your deepest desires into the universe, a personal and profound connection that transcends the earthly.
  • Show the universe your fun side! Send a picture of your favorite actor with your best impression, sing your favorite song karaoke style for the universe to show the universe your talent, tell the heavens your best joke, scream into the void (for real!) your frustrations or just send a photo of a cat wearing an umbrella hat. The choice is entirely yours and is private to just you.. and, well, the universe. Please be sure to be a good ambassador of Earth - but feel free to have some fun!


  • Keep in mind there is no swag that comes with the digital only purchase! Be sure to check out our webstore HERE  for some awesome keepsakes to commemorate your digital deep space journey!


  • Note: Messages will be sent in the order they are received! If you wish to be sent in the priority group (which will be sent before the non priority messages) please be sure to purchase the "Priority Add-On" at Checkout!
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