How To Send A Message To Space

1. Upload

Select your message (recorded audio or a picture) and upload it.

2. Convert

Your message is converted into a transmissible format

3. Liftoff

Your message and Lumina 1 will hitch a ride on a commercial rocket and enter orbit.

4. Transmit

Lumina 1 transmits your message into space, letting you track its journey.

1. Upload: Pick your image or audio and upload it

It all begins with your special message. Whether you want to beam your favorite couple photo into space or whisper your deepest secret to the universe, you upload your message into the secure platform. Changed your mind about what you want to send? No problem, we allow free edits of your message until right before launch!

2. Store: We convert, encrypt, and store it

Upon upload, we convert your message into a format ready to be sent into space using our proprietary Lightwave technology. Once converted, we store it in an encrypted database that hosts its keys offline to ensure maximum security and privacy. That’s it. Your message is locked and ready to be loaded onto Lumina 1.

3. Liftoff!: Lumina 1 launches with your messages on board

When Launch Day comes, the real excitement begins. You’ll get a VIP invite to watch the Lumina satellite blast off Earth on a rocket and orbit in cold space, where it’ll start beaming out decoded light waves that will travel into deep space…theoretically forever.

4. Transmit: Messages are beamed into deep space

Once in orbit, messages are beamed on a first come first serve format (unless you are a lucky Limited Edition owner). Once your message is sent you will receive a confirmation notice and be directed over to the Mission Status tracker, where you will be able to see updates on where your message is in the cosmos as it travels at the speed of light.

We’re offering a 100% guarantee that your message will be sent into space, or we will refund your money (see terms and conditions).

What happens after my message is in space?

The short answer is: it continues to infinity..and beyond! The more long-winded answer is that lightwaves from your message will travel through the cosmos until it is interrupted by a faraway celestial object or is eaten by a black hole.

However, because the light we are sending out will be continually diverging, potentially millions of miles as it travels through space and time, it is estimated that some (if not all) of your message will remain traveling through the cosmos forever.

Will anyone receive it? In space, anything is theoretically possible. For this reason, we guarantee Earthbound Privacy, as in no other human will receive your message (unless you send it to them yourself). However, we can't guarantee other celestial beings (if they are out there) will or will not receive your message.

Please also keep in mind, per our Terms and Conditions, that Forever in Space will not be held responsible for any alien invasions or damage caused by the broadcast of your message into deep space – please send responsibly!


1. How long do I have to purchase a message?

Our satellite is currently being built and we are planning on launching it in 2025.  While you have a little bit of time before it heads up, there is limited space to store messages so be sure to act soon!

2. When will my message be sent?

All messages will be sent in the order they are received once the satellite reaches orbit in 2025, except those that were purchased with Priority messaging or whose owners were lucky enough to get one of our limited edition boxes.

3. How far will my message travel – is it really forever?

 There is no way to know for sure how far, the universe is vast and chaotic; however, as the light that composes your message continues to travel through space it will continue to diverge from a narrow beam into a wider and wider one which means the likelihood is good that a portion of your message, no matter how small, will continue to travel through space effectively forever. How far exactly? The exact distance will depend on many factors, including the lifespan of the universe as it continues to expand!

4. Is this a real endeavour or an elaborate scam?

Absolutely it is a real endeavor. We are real space lovers and have spent our own money to design and build the satellite through our partner Near Space Launch. You can also read more about us here.

We understand why you are cautious though. As space lovers and advocates ourselves we have been burned on projects in the past that failed to launch, did not work, or were downright scams. For this reason, we are guaranteeing all space messages will be successfully sent into space and you will receive a refund on your order.  We also offer a very generous return window for any physical goods such as our mission kits!

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