Take Your Place Among the Stars with the Interstellar Vanguard Limited Edition Mission Kit

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A truly unique gift for those that love Space, the Limited-Edition Interstellar Vanguard Mission Kit is your gateway to leaving a lasting legacy that will symbolically live forever in the cosmos. This exclusive offer grants you the rare opportunity to transmit your private and personal message—be it in audio, text, or picture form—directly into the vastness of space, carried on beams of light from the pioneering Lumina 1 satellite when it launches in 2025.

What's Included in Your Limited Edition Mission

  • 5 Priority Space Messages: Be one of the first to send messages (audio, text or pictures) into deep space a via Lumina 1 priority transmission - a retail value of $100 dollars!
  • A piece of Space : Each mission kit comes with a certified iron fragment from the Camp Del Cielo Meteorite.  Procured from a collector in the United States these fragments are no longer available for export from Argentina and are rare to find!
  • Astronaut Wings: The FAA issues Commercial Space Astronaut Wings to those who take a physical flight into space - we issue Digital Astronaut Wings! Adorn yourself with a pair of our prestigious 18k gold wings and symbolize your participation in this pioneering mission!
  • Mission Essentials: Receive an official Lumina 1 mission patch and a Vanguard Edition certificate that are tangible tokens of your invaluable contribution to this historic journey.

    • Exclusive Collectibles: Celebrate your stargazing with a Forever in Space sticker set which includes a unique design reserved only for early backers!
    • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Invitations to special, members-only events leading up to and during the launch, offering an insider look at the mission's progress.
    • Lifetime Benefits: Enjoy VIP status with lifetime priority status for your messages and an everlasting 50% discount on future Lumina 1 messages!
    • VIP Badge: receive a special digital badge you can utilize on your social media accounts as well as access to a dedicated chat room in the Forever in Space discord channel
    • Gift the Universe!: Pass on the legacy with a further 20% off any further Interstellar Vanguard Mission Kits—perfect for sharing this unique experience with a friend or loved one..
    • Free Shipping: All of this is delivered to your doorstep with free domestic shipping, making your entry into the space legacy seamless and hassle-free.
    • All purchases come with a free download of Cathrin Machin's space art!  Cathrin is one of the most popular space artists on the internet with hundreds of thousands of followers and her art quickly sells out each time it is offered!  We have partnered with Cathrin to allow anyone sending a message to download 187 of her Astro Art Wallpapers and 23 Astro Photography wallpapers!
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    A portion of all profits will benefit our Space and STEM education non-profit partners including Near Space Education, the Blueberry STEM Foundation, and the ReInvented.

    • A Once-in-a-Lifetime Offering This Limited-Edition Kit is not just a unique gift; it's a symbolic investment in a legacy that will echo through space and time. With limited quantities available and the promise that this edition will never be offered again, the Vanguard Limited Edition Kit is an exclusive opportunity to join a celestial journey that is truly once in a lifetime.-

    Establish your legacy among the stars.

    The Interstellar Vanguard mission kit is a limited edition – once it is gone it is gone forever!

    Craft Your Cosmic Narrative: The Universe Awaits Your Tale

    Eternal Declarations of Love: Transform your feelings into an interstellar voyage; sending a message into the cosmos is an unparalleled declaration of love. Perfect for Valentine's Day or anniversaries, your affection will transcend the confines of time and space, eternally encapsulating your love.

    Celestial Memorials: Honor and remember those you've lost with a tribute that's as boundless as the universe itself. A picture and audio message can immortalize their essence, offering a tribute that echoes through the cosmos, ensuring their memory shines as brightly as the stars.

    Embark on a Digital Odyssey: Elevate your status to that of a Digital Astronaut, as your personal messages embark on an endless journey across the universe. This is your chance to weave your voice into the fabric of the cosmos.

    Galactic Exploration for Young Minds: Offer your children an extraordinary gateway to the universe. This is not just an activity, but a doorway to imagination and learning, sparking curiosity and inspiring a lifelong fascination with the vastness of space.

    Whisper to the Cosmos: Cast your most intimate secret or heartfelt wish into the vastness of space, where it will journey endlessly among the stars. This is a chance to release your deepest desires into the universe, a personal and profound connection that transcends the earthly.

    Discover the unique joy of connecting your story, love, memories, and dreams with the infinite expanse of the universe. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy among the stars.

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