Our Roadmap to Space!

Q4 2025+

TBD (pending Launch date)

Q3 2025

TBD (pending Launch date)

Q2 2025

TBD (pending Launch date)

Q1 2025

  • Launch Party information and logistics finalized
  • Launch Party Give Away begins

Q4 2024

  • Launch Agreement Signed and Launch Date for 2025 Set
  • Satellite environmental testing

Q3 2024

  • Podcast and AMA schedule finalized and started!

Q2 2024

  • Marketing kick off
  • Attend Space Tourism Conference [come see us there!]

Q1 2024

  • Website design and product pages finalized and launched
  • Initial Advisors and Advocates selected
  • Marketing strategy finalized
  • Satellite Build begins

Q4 2023

  • Mission kit procured and logistics finalized
  • Non-Profit foundations chosen

Q3 2023

  • Development design for secure message backend finalized
  • Mission kit and physical product designs finalized

Q2 2023

  • Satellite design finalized
  • Initial funding for Satellite Development obtained

Q1 2023

  • Partner with space engineering Firm Near Space Launch
  • Partner with Relational Ventures
  • Initial mission concept designed and project plan developed
  • Initial company funding obtained