Join a space mission and send a message to the universe

Choose a treasured image or a recorded message, load it onto a satellite, and beam it into deep space where it will last forever*

The universe is listening…what will you say?

A treasured memory, a lasting note to commemorate a loved one, an eternal love letter, get something off your chest, a greeting card to the universe, or start a new adventure—whatever your reason for wanting to share a message with the universe, the Lumina 1 Satellite Mission will make it happen affordably using light transmission technology.

Bringing Space Down To Earth For Everyone

A first-of-its-kind space experience

For far too long Space has been the playground for billionaires and governments and out of reach
of us mere mortals – but not anymore. This is your chance to be part of a space mission and for the first time in history launch your message into the cosmos from a satellite. Become a Digital Astronaut with us and know that from here on
out, no matter what happens here on Earth, your voice or image will symbolically live forever in space.

Why People Are Excited About It

Sending a space message is exciting because maybe you will reach aliens and every kid in my class thinks I am cool for doing it.

Peter, California

I like the idea of my message going out to space but it was the Mission Kit that I really fell in love with, it is incredible!

Margaux, France

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Peter, California

Get Prepared With Your Digital
Astronaut Mission Kit

Participating in the Lumina 1 Satellite Mission, slated to launch in 2025, gives you exclusive access to a fantastic Limited Edition Interstellar Vanguard Mission Kit filled with cool space swag, lifetime discounts and benefits and VIP invites to special events that will occur throughout the year in the lead-up to the launch, including Ask Me Anything (AMAs) with scientists, engineers, pilots, and other space enthusiasts!

Post-launch, Digital Astronauts will be able to track their message’s progress and watch as it continues past our solar system and into the deep beyond.

Paying It Forward To STEM Students

Our dream is to get you into space, and we believe in supporting others to achieve theirs. A portion of our profits will go to several STEM-based non-profit organizations, including the Near Space Education Foundation, ReInvented and the BlueBerry STEM Foundation. So, by joining Lumina 1, you might be funding your dream of participating in a space mission, but you're also doing some good and helping young students reach theirs.

Space Travel with Earth’s Best Interests at Heart

We love space and dream of interacting with it in a way that has never been done; however, we also love our planet and want to be sure our products and services are done in an ecologically friendly way.

We have not only signed the SME Climate Hub pledge to go carbon neutral by 2030, we have also partnered with The Good API and Sprout to ensure that for every message purchased and sent into deep space we will plant one tree here at home! 

Zero Space Junk

Space is an awesome place and we want to keep it pristine – our satellite is designed to burn up in the earth’s atmosphere once our mission is completed, keeping space as clutter free as possible.

United By curiosity

Outer space was once the stuff of myth to our ancestors. Now, it’s accessible to us in a way like never before. However, while we marvel at James Webb Telescope images and the latest discoveries from NASA, for most of us, space remains experientially beyond us.

When you send a message into the stars, your view of the night sky will be changed forever. Now, you will have the knowledge that something you have done has slipped the confines of our delicate Earth and will travel forever in the cosmos.

How To Join the Lumina 1 Mission

1. Choose your experience

There are two experiences Digital Astronauts can choose from.

1. The Limited Edition Mission Kit: For a limited time only, you can purchase the Interstellar Vanguard Mission Kit, which includes two messages (your choice of audio or pictures), priority transmission (beam your message before anyone else), exclusive space swag, and space-inspired artwork.

2. The Digital Only Experience: Skip the swag and just send audio or a picture and gives you access to a rapidly growing community of space fans just like you!

Also, don’t forget to register your email to send your name into space for free!

2. Upload your message

Audio, image, or both? Whether you want to send a recorded voice message, a picture of your family, a selfie, a dark secret you need to get off your chest, or a list of your favorite movies to potential extraterrestrial life, choose your message and upload it to our secure message portal.

3. Prepare for launch!

The Lumina 1 satellite module is being built by our partner Near Space Launch, and is scheduled to launch in 2025. We will be sending updates throughout the year as the satellite build progresses, in addition to hosting a variety of fun events such as Ask Me Anything (AMAs) with pilots, engineers, and other space enthusiasts. Digital Astronauts get exclusive sneak peeks at these events and the many other surprises in store!

4. Broadcasting into deep space

Once our satellite, Lumina 1, is in orbit, it will begin to beam out your messages into space and notify you when yours is sent. You will then be able to track your message's progress as it navigates its way through the cosmos for years to come.

Become a digital astronaut

You might have guessed that the Limited Edition Mission Kits are limited. So, if you want to be the proud owner of some of the coolest space swag around, you better move at light speed and get signed up.

If you don’t, you’re missing out on:
  • A pair of 18k gold digital astronaut wings
  • Exclusive space-themed stickers
  • A embroidered mission patch
  • A limited edition certificate to commemorate the mission 
  • 5 of our message being one of the first to be broadcast once the satellite goes live!
  • A piece of certified meteorite

Once These Limited Edition Kits Are Gone, They Are Gone Forever. Order Yours Today!