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About the Campo del Cielo Meteorite

The Campo del Cielo meteorite, located in present-day Argentina, represents a significant event in both terrestrial and cosmic history. First documented by Spanish explorers in 1576, its discovery was rooted in reports from indigenous peoples who were familiar with its existence long before European contact. The name "Campo del Cielo" translates to "Field of the Sky," a testament to its extraterrestrial origin. This site encompasses a strewn field of iron meteorites, scattered over an area of approximately 18.5 by 3 kilometers, where over 100 metric tons of fragments have been recovered, making it one of the most substantial meteorite showers by mass on Earth.

Historical accounts, including those from missionaries and early explorers, provide insight into the meteorite's impact on local and scientific communities. One such account from a missionary in the late 16th century described the indigenous peoples' reverence for the iron they collected from the site, which they worked into tools and weapons. The missionary noted, "They showed us a mass of metal which they revered as a gift from the heavens." This historical perspective underscores the meteorite's significance not only as a scientific curiosity but also as a cultural artifact.

In the centuries that followed its initial documentation, the Campo del Cielo meteorite has been the subject of numerous scientific studies. These investigations have aimed to understand not only the meteorite's origins and composition but also the circumstances of its impact and the processes that led to the distribution of its fragments across such a wide area.

The Campo del Cielo meteorite remains a focal point of scientific inquiry and a symbol of the enduring human fascination with the cosmos. Its study provides valuable insights into the solar system's history and the dynamic processes that shape our planetary environment.

Care Instructions

Your fragment of the Campo del Cielo meteorite is a piece of cosmic history, and with proper care, it can be preserved for generations to come. Here are some guidelines to ensure its longevity:

Handling: Always handle your meteorite fragment with clean, dry hands. If you have sensitive skin or allergies to metals, consider wearing gloves to avoid irritation.

Preservation: Store your meteorite in a dry environment to prevent rust and corrosion. Excessive handling can accelerate degradation, so we recommend minimal direct contact.

Safety: Be mindful of sharp edges that may be present on your fragment. Also, keep it out of reach of children to avoid choking hazards.

Meteorite Authenticity

We understand the importance of authenticity in owning a piece of the cosmos. That's why every fragment of the Campo del Cielo meteorite included in our Interstellar Vanguard Limited Edition Mission Kit comes directly from a reputable U.S.-based collector. This collector has provided a certificate of authenticity for each fragment, ensuring that your piece of the universe is genuine.

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